The Importance of a Containment System in the Learning Process

The scope of learning has changed dramatically. Students have to develop social skills, capabilities and the right mindset. They need a safe learning environment so they can study without anxiety or fear.

With the COVID-19 pandemic pushing forward the adoption of e-learning, having a containment process is crucial. It would be best if you addressed learners’ needs so you can create the right learning environment. Read on to understand the importance of a containment system in the learning process.

What Is a Containment System?

A containment system is a strengthened learning environment that creates a seamless e-learning experience. Learner support is crucial in the current learning environment. Basically, learner support is all that a teacher or instructor should do to help learners gain skills and knowledge. This involves several angles.

Providing Emotional Support

Students, like everyone, have emotional reactions to current events that may affect their performance. Providing students with emotional support can help them manage their anxiety and fear. E-learning isn’t just about reading, writing, and doing tests. It’s about passing knowledge and being mindful of the learners’ mindset.

Planning and Establishing the Right Norms

With virtual learning is necessary to rethink the processes and norms, learners need a new set of behaviors to guide them. Also, is required to set expectations and metrics that ought to be met. And define norms of interactions so it can be possible to have a streamlined learning process.

Employing the Right Activities for E-Learning

Learners who have been used to face-to-face learning may find it challenging to adapt to e-learning. You need to introduce a new set of tools such as, Google Docs, online assignments and group chats. These tools and activities help reach a common goal and hence require the perfect incorporation.

Why Is Learner Support Important?

Learner support makes it easy to deliver content while promoting human development. Some benefits of learner support include:

Diagnosing Learner Difficulties

With learner support, instructors can easily diagnose problems that may affect them learning. Whether it’s low concentration, grasping new ideas or even struggles with things outside the learning environment, instructors can easily diagnose these problems. It’s only possible by providing the ultimate learning environment.

Providing Tailored Approaches

Learners face numerous challenges that affect the learning process. Custom learning solutions are essential when learners are spread out through various locations. Once you have understood the challenges facing your learners, you can provide a personalized approach.

The best way to tackle individual difficulties is by personalizing their learning. This method ensures some learners aren’t left to deal with difficulties on their own.

The Bottom Line

If you are not providing learning support, you are doing your learners a great disservice. A great containment level can take your school to a whole new level. It plays a key role in improving your learners’ capabilities and skills.

To help provide learning support, Capabilia is offering a solid methodology for learning.

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