The Close Bond Between Lifelong Learning and Growth Mindset

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Given the current market conditions, learning does not stop after one gets a college degree. It is a lifelong process that enables one to adapt to changes, considering that according to Korn&Ferry, 85.2 will be the shortage of talented workers in 2030 (WEF, Mckinsey and OECD already presented similar projections). The situation represents a real challenge, not only for universities, governments and companies but also for people, who already have a particular mindset which conditions how a person will tackle new paradigms or models.

What is more, sometimes people ignore learning due to their mindset. And, until they do not change it, lifelong learning would be really useless for them. What is the nature of the close bond between lifelong learning and growth of mindset?

How a Growth Mindset Triggers Commitment to Lifelong Learning

An individual with a growth mindset believes in the growth and development of his or her skills and intelligence. Such a person commits to learning something new over time. The opposite of growth mindset is a fixed mindset that makes a person believe that talent is an innate trait the does not improve through a learning process.

Commitment to lifelong learning requires a growth mindset. The mindset acts as a trigger factor that activates the need for learning. One of the characteristics of a growth mindset entails having a focus on progress rather than perfection. The characteristic gives one a progressive urge for learning.

How the Need for Lifelong Learning Compels One to Adopt a Growth Mindset

Some live events, such as career growth, require lifelong learning and they compel one to adopt a growth mindset. The move seeks to bridge the skill gap through capacity building thus enabling one to acquire the necessary skills that a certain task requires. The move also improves one’s future of work since it places one in a position that supports career growth.

How the Growth Mindset Creates a Personal Grit Required in Lifelong Learning

A growth mindset acts as a personal grit that gives rise to the resilience required in lifelong learning. Grit refers to the ability to persevere through challenges. Some people deem learning as an uncomfortable process. Thus, they require extra power when learning becomes inevitable and a growth mindset comes in handy in such a situation.

Gritty people do not give up after encountering a challenge. They believe in trying again and they always find an alternative solution after experiencing a failure. The move depicts lifelong learning and the zeal to try again refers to a growth mindset. The two elements work as a tandem meaning they are inseparable.

The Link Between the Theory of Carol Dweck and Lifelong Learning

According to Dweck, a growth mindset results in increased motivation and academic performance. Her study findings indicated that students with a growth mindset perform better academically than students with a fixed mindset. The earlier group of students desire to work hard and improve their performance thus depicting lifelong learning.

Dweck’s theory indicates that there is a close bond between a growth mindset and inherent motivation. One’s intention can trigger his or her actions. The growth mind gives rise to a positive attitude towards lifelong learning and it can sustain the urge. The scenario depicts a neuroscientific interplay that exists between lifelong learning and a growth mindset.

In conclusion, lifelong learning and growth mindset share a close bond. The mindset stirs an urge to learn something new over time. It also helps one to acquire resilience when lifelong learning is inevitable. A growth mindset makes one become gritty enabling him or her to seek solutions through lifelong learning. The neuroscientific interplay between lifelong learning and growth mindset explains the close bond between the two elements.

Growth mindset in Capabilia

Although a growth mindset is particularly linked with lifelong learning, it is a kind of mindset that is vital for people to exceed oneself within this particular habitat where the new technology is changing practically everything. Intelligence is understood as malleable and improvable and if that so in a single person, organizations can be as well growth-minded.

Having this in mind, in Capabilia we built our teams and our platforms not as a perfect and closed solution, but as modular and perfectible units that adapt to any needs, always looking for opportunities to learn new things from others, experts, partners, clients, etc. We believe the best solution to a problem is yet to be discovered, so we have to learn and investigate in order to come to the best possible answer and be up to the scratch of the current situation.

Improving lives through learning experiences. Delivering a transformative and effective learning experience, everywhere.

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