Skill Gap and Digital Transformation A Matter of Talent

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Most people believe that the digital transformation and skill gap is more about technology than talent. This is, however, a misconception that this article seeks to clarify. The essence of this article is to expound on how the digital transformation and skill gap can only be sorted out with talent. Human talents are the most significant contributing factor to the success of the digital transformation. These talents have demonstrated to enhance digital innovations.

How Does Talent Bridge the Gap Between Digital Transformation and Skills?

The 21st century has been witnessing a massive surge of digital transformation. Indeed, this is largely due to technology innovations. However, it is pertinent to elaborate that there remains a gap between these digital transformations and the skills of individuals. The burning question has loomed for years: how can human skills remain relevant in the implementation of digital transformation? The answer to this is simple: talent! Talent here refers to the human sense of reasoning and every other human skill.

Talent bridges the gap between digital transformation and skillset because, in the long run, you spend more time on business without actually learning significantly about the business. With digital transformation, most of your business processes become automated but the true potential of individual skills is restricted. However, talent provides you with the opportunity to rethink your potential and ensure that you are better positioned to optimize the benefits of digital transformation for your firm.

Skill Gap and Digital Transformation: How to Leverage on Talent

The benefits that have been accompanied by the evolution of technology is without any doubts overwhelming. Nonetheless, these benefits are insignificant without the right human skills. The extent to which technological innovations can be utilized completely depends on human input. It is very possible to synchronize the divergence between digital transformation and human skills when we leverage on the adaptability talent of humans. This talent will help you to reshape and upgrade your organization’s workforce.

Talent will bridge the digital transformation and skill gap when more emphasis is made on technological soft skills instead of hard skills. This is because even technological transformation can not determine what the future hard skills will be. Hence, it becomes paramount that your talent orientation for your company should merge the potentials of soft skills and the desire to learn hard skills, keeping in mind that these hard skills may soon be extinct. Intellectual curiosity gotten from education is a talent that remains even after decades.

As a CEO, business owner, CMO etc. of an EdTech or any firm, it is crucial to let go of the mindset that change begins with your subordinates. Leadership is a talent that involves demonstration. You have to lead by example. In regard to digital transformation, you should not demand changes or improvements in your company without first training your top executives to inculcate the desired habits.

As the head of your organization or department, the success of your company’s transformation largely depends on you. Certain qualities will distinguish you from your competitors. These talents or qualities may include integrity, superior competence, positive mindset, values and virtues among others. Leadership remains a significant characteristic in the quest for talent.

Majority of data discussions nowadays are centered on machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning etc. As exciting as these innovations are, it remains essential that you harness useful data. It is a matter of talent to integrate valuable data into relevant insights and more importantly, to act on those insights.

The talent to speed up and work efficiently at pace is vital. It is one of the keys to harnessing digital transformation and skill gap. This process is like a two-way tunnel. On one hand, you have to be willing to try several alternatives until you find the perfect solution. On the other hand, you may decide to stick to the saying “slow and steady wins the race”. This means you would have to calculate every possible outcome as accurately as possible. Either way, make sure this talent gets you your desired results.


In conclusion, as a business executive, you should know that everything in business can be replicated. However, talent is the one factor that can not be duplicated. Therefore, if you are looking to bridge the digital transformation and skill gap in your organization, then you need to invest in top talent. This is where you would get the most value.

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