How e-learning revolutionized the sport industry

The onset of the Coronavirus forced businesses worldwide to leverage the internet in a way, and to an extent, never before imagined. Remote work became the norm as did remote training, and when such training was not available, pre-made videos on specific topics via YouTube became the expected alternative.

But preventing the spread of the virus also changed how we maintained our physical health and how we managed our entertainment. With exercise gyms forced to close to keep the virus tamped down, personal trainers had to resort to Zoom calls to continue training. Professional sports teams also had to adjust their own training schedules to be allowed to compete. From professional baseball to basketball to American Football, e-learning, or training by Zoom, became the new normal.

Professional sports teams worldwide also changed how they prepare for their games. Like FC Barcelona in Spain were e-training and e-learning became protagonists training and education for the athletes to compete as they did before.

FC Barcelona is an interesting case. They have already won many FIFA titles so they have a brand name that means excellence. They have used that brand to expand their reach beyond the pitch. Barça Innovation Hub — Universitas is their corporate name for spreading innovation in the sports world but also into the university and business worlds.

The success that Capabilia with FC Barcelona have had is impressive. To date, these programs have reached the following cases:

  • Students from more than 230 cities, in 124 countries on the 5 continents of the world have already participated in the programmes.
  • More than 300 active courses are now on platform.
  • There are 84 platform experts

That is a lot of programming that is reachable by anyone in the world with an internet connection. That means people in Southern Africa or Indonesia can study to become better professionals in the world of sports.

This is the level of success that Barça Innovation Hub — Universitas shows, teaching the importance of e-learning and the advantages that anyone can learn with renowned clubs no matter where they are

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