Future of jobs, what will they need in an uncertain scenario?

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Companies have had to drastically shift how they work and what technologies they use. The central theme that came from the current pandemic is the re-skilling or up-skilling of employees.

Online learning will play a vital role in training and re-training employees. According to the World Economic Forum, changes in education and learning are necessary to help people remain employable for the jobs of the future.

There are many uncertainties regarding the future. However, it is clear that technology and visionary leadership will be instrumental in shaping the future of jobs.

What Future Jobs Will Be in Demand?

The long-held misconception that future jobs will be automated is losing some validity. A theme that also emerged from the Coronavirus pandemic is that human talent is crucial to the success of the digital transformation. The jobs of the future that will be in demand will be those that combine the capabilities of both humans and machines.

The global economy is very dynamic, and any drastic change will alter what jobs will be in demand in the future. The new reality is evidence of this. Employees will need to continually re-skill or up-skill to meet any new challenges in the workplace. This will be one of the core themes of future employment.

Developing a more symbiotic relationship between employees and technology will also be a core theme of future employment. This will enhance employees’ skill sets and make it easy to transition through different working environments. It will also prepare them for dealing with unexpected challenges.

Lifelong Learning

Employees will have to engage in lifelong learning to remain relevant. This is where online learning comes in. Companies will focus on hiring sustainable employees. Thus, employees will have to acquire new skills and re-learn old skills. This will be useful in meeting the future challenges the company may face.

The recent investments in EdTech show that more countries realize the value of using technology in education. According to a Forbes report, investment in EdTech reached approximately $9.5 billion in 2018.

Lifelong learning will help employees effectively develop products that address current and future customer needs. Leaders will also have to engage in lifelong learning to know how to motivate the labor force.

The Culture of Motivation

Motivating employees has been and will continue to be a critical variable for achieving high efficiency and productivity levels. Motivation in jobs will focus on the needs of employees. Companies will invest more in engaging their employees at all levels.

The new reality has shown that adopting a more flexible working schedule is good for boosting employee morale. According to a report by Gallup, approximately two-thirds of all full-time employees had experienced burn out. Leaders will have to implement a work-from-home strategy to address this.

The strategy will help employees achieve a better work-life balance. Leaders can also motivate employees by:

What is Your Role as a Leader?

Your role as a leader will shift in the future of jobs. You will have to create a training ecosystem that evolves with each innovation that affects your industry. This will help diversify your employees’ skill set.

As a leader, you will have to employ artificial intelligence to help you make various decisions. You will have to delegate some decision-making duties to your employees. This will help you build trust, which is vital for motivation.

You will also have to use machine-based learning technologies in the hiring process. This will increase efficiency in the process and help diversify your workforce. It will also help you achieve sustainable employment. A leader will also have to adopt a transformative mindset. This will help ensure that their organization creates new opportunities for change and survives any disruptive technological advancements.

The New Normal

No one would have predicted how the world would be today, and no one knows what the future holds. The future of jobs will be dependent on the symbiotic relationship between man and machine. Employees will have to re-skill and up-skill through online learning. Leaders will have to rely on artificial intelligence to make decisions concerning the future. Working from home or having a flexible working schedule will be crucial factors in motivating employees.

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