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  • Jaime Casas

    Jaime Casas

    International Online Contents Manager at @FCBarcelona / Creative Digital Journalism / Digital&Mobile Strategy / Culture / Social Media

  • Tim Moore

    Tim Moore

    Entrepreneurship, Pedagogy, Nurturing Creative Talent & High-Performance Culture. Managing Partner at We Are Human

  • Shiva Prasad

    Shiva Prasad

  • Jonasgottardi


  • Gonzalo Carranza

    Gonzalo Carranza

    Journalist |Full Stack Developer |Digital Manager |

  • Constantin Gallhöfer

    Constantin Gallhöfer

  • Marcelo Horacio Prieto

    Marcelo Horacio Prieto

  • Silvano Stoicescu

    Silvano Stoicescu

    Digital Entrepreneur. Founder at Versum Media Group Int. Infinite Learner. I write about AI, VR, UBI, Longevity, Media. Interested in: know you better, pizza.

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