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It is a widely documented fact that there exist various learning styles, which span verbal, physical, and aural approaches among others. Individuals usually develop and fine-tune what they naturally excel in. This is the reason why some individuals are masterful in the computation of numbers while others are effortless linguists. Hence, it is necessary for organizations to ensure that their employees are provided with the most suitable learning channels for the most fruitful outcomes.

Understanding Data-Driven Education

The creation of a perfect curriculum is drafted according to the needs, goals, preferences, and competencies of the student. Such a qualifying assessment is accrued through conversational data and personalized analytics, which forms the outline of the desired lesson plan and its objectives. By collecting information about the students, teachers will be able to formulate the most effective lessons.

Essentially, data-driven education provides personalized lesson plans by satisfying three questions:

-What is the current level of proficiency (considering the strengths and weaknesses) of the student?

-How fast is the student learning and picking up new ideas, concepts, and applying them?

- What is the most effective teaching medium? (i.e. case studies, group work, standard classroom, etc.)

Unlike standardized curriculums, data-driven education is dynamic and constantly evolving according to the needs and preferences of the individual. This means that students are likely to stay engaged, committed, and driven throughout the course.

Data-driven Education in Organizations

Data-driven education can help organizations improve the effectiveness of their staff training initiatives and programs. The data collected in organizations may be derived from staff performance reports, customer ratings, academic qualifications, instructional practices, and any other indicator of performance. An effectively data-driven curriculum should incorporate data from a wide range of sources to form an accurate assessment of the student/trainee.

Data-driven Education in Schools

Big data has become an everyday part of life. Schools have begun applying the use of data in formulating a better-informed curriculum by understanding the problems faced by their students. This helps teachers identify and understand the struggles of students at a granular level, and invests the time and energy on developing specific areas.

Data-driven education will expedite the learning rates of students via a tech infrastructure that systematically analyzes the performance of each student. The personalized information of students will be stored in a massive database, where educators can continue to edit and modify their future lessons based on changing factors.

Adapting to a Data-driven World

Data is being collected and transferred across the internet — from social media to Cloud storage, and the humble email. Modern-day educators will need to adapt to the world of data by optimizing an experiential journey for their students. The process should involve a consistent platform that integrates high volumes of personalized data to form the most memorable lessons.

However, this does not equate to a system that generates endless rows of student reports and assessments. The software should be equipped with advanced analytics that drives action from data. Ultimately, any pool of data should be suitably applied to serve a purpose. The next stage of education will go beyond the standardized dispensing of instructions.

Digital educational tools will provide schools and organizations with the valuable insights they need to address the needs of students without delay, to yield maximum results, and offer a reliable assessment of progression. This will also help educators identify students/trainees who are prone to underperforming, to differentiate and individualize necessary measures to ensure no one is left out in the path toward success and advancement.

Capabilia is the specialized learning hub that caters to your personalized needs and preferences. Our dedicated partners in education are committed to providing the most effective, data-backed curriculum to help employees and students realize their fullest potential.

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