Creating Next Generation Digital Learning Environments One Institution at a Time

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Traditional learning and skills development models across certain industries and institutions may be slower to evolve and more resistant to disruption than other markets, but there is no question that the future of education is in digital learning platforms that move the physical classroom out into the world. From sharing corporate training programs and materials with employees to bridging the skills gap, e-learning as a service is the bridge to modern learning on both a local and global scale.

New Model for Higher and Continuing Education

Making the leap to a modern and fully optimized digital learning environment can prove challenging for brick and mortar institutions. From curating and distributing learning material and programs to reaching the target audience, partnering with the right digital education service provider is the key to launching and sustaining viable online learning experiences.

The Online Program Management Model (OPM)

Working with a third party online management model allows institutions and universities to personalize their digital learning programs without having to reinvent the wheel. According to industry data, the global OPM market is on track to exceed $7 billion by 2025, a sign of the growing demand for comprehensive digital learning platforms.

According to the report by Holon IQ:

There seem to be a number of paths to growth for OPM’s, including the organic growth of online HE enrollment, services to corporate partners who wish to take training online, geographical expansion into other markets with the inevitable acceptance of online learning, and horizontal integration of services such as coaching, enrollment, recruitment, retention and career services.

Future of Educational Media and Technology (Ed Tech)

From mobile applications to data, there have never been more resources for companies and institutions of higher learning to create targeted and personalized online learning programs for current and prospective students. As personal technology delivery methods for distributing information and course materials continue to improve, launching and sustaining innovative learning experiences is becoming more accessible than ever.

According to CIO:

Data is arguably one of the most powerful tools we have in modern education. It can empower teachers and administrators with insights, illuminate potential issues, streamline inefficiencies, and help personalize the learning experience for students. There is building evidence and compelling case studies demonstrating how data management can be leveraged to help schools achieve better results for students by customizing the learning experience.

The Capabilia Advantage

Choosing the right partner is the first step in launching a successful and effective digital learning experience, whether the goal is to deliver university courses or global access to earnings calls, leadership training, or shareholder meetings.

We facilitate the creation and delivery of digital learning programs and experiences for traditional institutions, from corporations to cultural institutions and universities, using cutting edge technology and a personalized approach. Because the needs of every client are unique and specific, implementing a standard template model would not be effective and even counterproductive. From retention and enrollment services to seamless user experience design, growth strategy, high quality content, and mobile web technology, we create innovative learning experiences for a diverse range of clients from start to finish. We design end-to-end services in order to help companies, universities, and institutional clients design digital learning experiences for the global classrooms of the future.

Contact us today for more information on how we can build institutional digital learning programs and experiences.

Improving lives through learning experiences. Delivering a transformative and effective learning experience, everywhere.

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