5 E-learning Trends that Will Shape 2021

As 2020 draws to a close, e-learning remains integral to the success of organizations around the world. It has become increasingly clear that the future of education is digital, and several e-learning avenues are leading the learning movement for 2021. By employing flexible digital learning solutions, organizations can pivot to meet unexpected challenges as they arise.

Ubiquitous Learning

Ubiquitous learning refers to learning that can take place anytime and anywhere due to mobile computing devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. It works at nearly every level of education, but it is especially useful for those with many responsibilities who need maximum flexibility.

Ubiquitous learning offers more than convenience — it also personalizes content according to the learner, their environment and their online interactions. Learners can use the method to pursue a formal degree or certification program. Or, they can acquire a new skill, such as learning a foreign language or mastering new corporate procedures. It also allows everyone to become lifelong learners.

Personalized Learning

Digital marketing studies consistently show personalization is the key to retaining customers and creating memorable buying experiences. This same principle can be applied to e-learning. Digital natives are wired to expect personalization — whether they’re ordering a pizza or learning a new skill. As we learn more about the human brain, this preference for personalization makes sense. Individuals thrive under different learning conditions, whether they are visual, auditory, kinesthetic, or any other type of learner.

Four of the basics of personalized learning include:

  • Flexible content

A customized e-learning environment helps give users the best opportunity to meet these goals and allows them to progress at a comfortable pace.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is nothing new, but as 2021 begins, organizations will have more access to it than ever before. Financial and technological barriers are no longer as extreme as they were 5–10 years ago, and AI is already being implemented by enterprises of all sizes.

AI can sift through each student’s data, make personalized suggestions, and even offer insights for leaders to better construct their e-learning environment. The value of AI lies in deep neural networks, which can generate unique learning models on the spot. This allows users to break free of cookie-cutter frameworks that teach all students the same way.

Lifelong Learning

Gone are the days when education ended after high school or college. In our fast-paced, digitally-driven world, most professions require ongoing education. Since technology is integrated in new ways each year, no profession stays the same for long. Fostering an organizational culture of lifelong learning encourages each individual to pursue their own unique learning curve to better serve in their career. Such pursuits also make their personal lives more fulfilling. Since people can receive expert instruction at home or while on the subway, they are more likely to pursue their educational passions

Big Data & Analytics

By now, many organizations are moving from data overload to data orchestration. Not only must we gather the right data, but maintain the capacity to organize, interpret, and act on it. E-learning platforms can gather a plethora of data, and AI can assist leaders in making sense of it. This crucial data may include test grades, learner behaviors, and other key indicators for success. When analyzed and applied properly, this data ensures that e-learning continues to improve.

2021 e-learning trends are dynamic and accessible. Organizations who embrace these learning tools empower their students and/or employees by giving them educational options that fit multiple lifestyles. The Capabilia e-learning platform allows students and team members to learn according to their needs. Simplify how you educate and help your participants reach mastery faster by using e-learning.



Improving lives through learning experiences. Delivering a transformative and effective learning experience, everywhere.

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Improving lives through learning experiences. Delivering a transformative and effective learning experience, everywhere.